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GM application :D

Hello everyoneeee <3

1. Name: Igna
2. Staff Position you're applying for: Game Master/ event planner
3. In-Game Name: balenciaga
4. Have you joined the Discord server? What is your Discord tag? Im honestly kinda new to discord, so idk how to join to a server but i would love to join the discord server if you show me how (dont think its that hard, and im a fast learner) so we can have nice talks!, Igna#3747
5. Timezone: Pacific Standard
6. How long have you been around/played Chirithy? One day, and so far best server yet! love the community and the custom edits!
7. What is your estimated schedule for being in-game? How often will you be online? Well now i have all the free time in the world, so i can be online almost all day! except friday and saturday night! (9pm+)
8. Do you have any previous staff experience? Not limited to only Maplestory. Yes!! i was GM two times in two different servers like 5 years ago, i honestly cant remember the name but it was so fun.
9: Why do you wish to be a part of the Chirithy staff? The two times i was gm in other servers i had so much fun helping people, and love the fact that i could help to build a beutiful community full of amazing people. I really LOVE this server so far, and i like the fact that its growing more and more everyday, and i would love to be part of that change. Also, like I said before, i love to help people, especially when theres new people everyday that doesnt know the commands or that need tips to have a great experience in the game, cause I think thats all about: having an amazing experience in the game.
10. Are you able to handle difficult situations with players in-game and in the Discord server? Describe what you would do in a stressful scenario with another player(s). I used to work on a huge bank in my country and i was on the Branding team, we had a lot of cases of clients that werent happy with the service given by the bank. I have experience being on a position where i have to help other people, i know how to treat them and i think the most important thing (and what ive always been told on my job) is to have empathy with other people. I would take my time to focus on the complain, concern or problem and always find a solution so the player can be happy and (like i said before) have an amazing experience playing the server.

11. What do you believe you have to offer to Chirithy that we do not already have? I'm active, have a lot of free time, I speak spanish so i can help people that doesnt understand english or that can express theirselves better in spanish, i have experience hosting some events, i know some commands, i will always have a smile on my face (even if you cant see lol), if someone needs help i would do anything i can to help that person, i have empathy, im ver transparent, loyal and 110% friendly.
12. Do you abide by the rules and conditions of Chirithy and uphold your loyalty and integrity as a member of the Chirithy staff? of course