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Dandelions are a group of Keyblade Warriors with an aversion to darkness who hid away to train in secrecy to prepare for the battle against Master Xehanort. MEANING our guild will actually be canon to the servers storyline (not offically). There are no requirements to join other than being helpful and kind to others. This would mean that debating a subject in guild chat is ok but don't let it get out of hand, absolutely NO DRAMA. This doesn't mean don't have fun, trolling (to an extent) is acceptable but don't push it and make people angry. If a guild member is having a problem with another member DO NOT message me or a Jr in game with your issue. Hearsay WILL NOT be tolerated, if someone is harassing you MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVIDENCE and private message a Jr.Master or myself to resolve the issue. I will be looking for ONLY 5 (the number of foretellers) members who I can deem trustworthy to join as Jr.Masters, as the Jr.Masters are picked out I will update this including their names so they can invite players to the Guild.

If you would wish to join, reply below or feel free to whisper these players:
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