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JQ Bugs


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Hey. I don't know if the JQs were just released unfinished or they weren't looked at during the testing.
Anyway, I've gathered some bugs from several JQ stages.

1. All of the JQs (the ones that do work) only give green coins, and therefore blue & red coins are not obtainable at all.
2. Save Gaberiel (Forest of Patience 1) - Gaberiel is missing, and therefore you have to go into the portal and do Save Mickey as well for a reward of 1 coin only.
3. Save Debby (Witch Tower) - Debby isn't coded! No rewards are given for this quest. In addition, if you accidentally stand near her, you'll be instantly teleported to the next map, meaning whoever actually finishes this quest, even if she was coded, would have missed the reward at the finish line.
4. Save Gaga (Space Gaga) - Gaga isn't a clickable NPC. Simple as that. No rewards are given for this quest either.

I hope these would all be fixed soon. I know some of them are WZ fixes and might only come in the next big update, but please at least make the NPCs give the right color of coins because as of the moment neither red nor blue coins are available at all.

Thanks :)


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Hmm, the coin colors were fixed and witch tower jq as well.. but forest of patience 1 still has no npc and save gaga- gaga still isn't clickable..